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We uphold a principle of unwavering transparency, ensuring that our practices are clear and honest at every step.
Market Knowledge.
At PaintLaunch, we focus only on painting businesses. We know the challenges and opportunities in this industry.
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This is not our first rodeo. We do this day in, day out, helping painting businesses grow at every step of the way.
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Start growing with our unique two pronged system.

1. Reliable results.
We strongly understand how to get results with two polar opposite methods, because of this we can predictably get results.
2. Exclusivity.
The methods we use are extremely unique, because of this we limit one painter per city for our system.
3. Full system.
From lead to close, we have a fully automated system to bring your consistent quotes.
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Our clients experience exactly what they signed up for. We under promise and over deliver, living by that mantra.
Julian S. from Victoria
Julian was called by countless agencies before and never found one he could trust.
Max C. from Richmond
Max has been in business for four years and worked with multiple agencies but never saw an ROI.
Kristos D. from Milwaukee
After finding it hard to keep employees and scaling the outbound team, he started with PaintLaunch.
Carlos M. from Greensboro
Carlos had worked with countless other agencies never seeing a return, now Carlos works with PaintLaunch.
Matt G. from Abbotsford
Matt runs a newer business and tried flyers, door knocking and never got the results he wanted. After just two weeks he had booked his first $11K month!

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