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Our Team Is Focused On One Thing. Growing Your Painting Business.

PaintLaunch was created for painters by painters (kinda), in the beginning our team worked closely with painting contractors to shape our program over the years. A common issue hit all of them the same, leads. More specifically estimates.

Estimates, aka the lifeblood of your painting business. An industry typically strung on referrals and word of mouth needed some innovation.

We provide a top notch solution to fuel your pipeline with ready-to-book, exclusive, painting estimates each and every day. COMPLETLY EXCLUSIVE TO YOU.

PaintLaunch works with one painter per city. Say goodbye to relying on referrals and purchasing leads from Thumbtack, or Angi that were bought by nine other contractors...

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We Only Work With Painters.

At PaintLaunch, we're not a jack-of-all-trades. We're a master of one – painting. Why? Because we believe in doing one thing exceptionally well rather than spreading ourselves thin. Here's why we're all about painters:


How We Get Such Repeatable Results

At PaintLaunch, we don't believe in guesswork; we believe in results. Here's how we consistently deliver success for painting companies:

Data-Driven Precision

Our approach is rooted in data. With over $6.5 million spent on Facebook ads, our experienced team knows how to run and optimize campaigns that convert. We've fine-tuned our methods to ensure your business stands out and succeeds in a competitive market.

Our team tests over a 150+ pieces of creative per month on new advertising campaigns. Not to mention the hundreds of other split tests our team regularly do for outbound connections and nurture.

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When Did Our Team Get Started & Experience

PaintLaunch didn't emerge overnight. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to revolutionize how painters approach advertising.

Origins in Painter Collaboration

In the beginning, PaintLaunch was crafted through close collaboration with painting contractors. The shared challenge? Leads, especially estimates. Recognizing this industry need for innovation, we set out to provide a top-notch solution to fuel your pipeline with ready-to-book, exclusive painting estimates.


Who Is The PaintLaunch Team & What Makes Them Qualified To Work On My Business?

PaintLaunch is more than just a company; we're a team of dedicated professionals committed to your success.

Certified Expertise at Your Service

Meet a team that's not just passionate about marketing but also fully certified in all platforms we work with. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, ensuring that your business benefits from the best practices and the latest industry knowledge.

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Don't get left behind.

It's time to drop the brush & paint a success story.

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